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Our Friends at JourneyFEST

Recently, a group of us in the Pediatric Special Needs community had a chance to visit with a great organization named JourneyFEST ( . They are a community for Special Needs Families that exisits to love and encourage one another as they journey through life with special needs.

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We know a lot of Tubies will be excited to hear that the new ENFit connector is rolling off of the production lines! After a couple years of waiting, ENFit is officially on the market and should be making its way into homes and hospitals. The purpose of ENFit is to create an enteral feeding connector that is unlike any other medical device connector, thus reducing the risk of misconnection. The ENFit should also reduce the amount of times the feeding bag connecting tubing comes loose from the extension set, thus less mess!!!

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Stopping the Flu

"Flu shots available here" signs are being posted everywhere. That can only mean one thing; FLU SEASON IS HERE. There have already been several reported cases of the flu this season.  VIVA Pediatrics knows that a case of the flu can quickly send some of our kids into the hospital. It is up to parents, friends, and caregivers to teach ourselves and our children the most sanitary preventive measures. Please click on the links below for information from www.TexasFlu.Org.

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VIVA Pediatrics made the Inc 5000 list for the third year in a row!!!

Inc. Magazine ranked VIVA Pediatrics as one of the 5000 fastest growing privately owned companies in the US for the third year in a row.  We are proud of this accomplishment, as it shows the hard work and dedication of our entire VIVA team.  Thank you to all of our VIVA team members that helped us to reach this amazing accomplishment!!    

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Special Needs Parks

The following DMN article features 12 incredible accessible parks for children with special needs.  Get out and enjoy the pretty weather at one of the local jewels.

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Let your voice be heard!

As part of statewide Needs Assessment, the Division for Family and Community Health at the Texas Department of State Health Services is currently conducting a survey of families that have a child with special health care needs and the health and safety of Texas communities. This assessment will help guide our priorities of how to improve the health of Texas families for the next five years.

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Summer Camp

Ah, Summer camp!  Swimming, camp fires, meeting new friends...Who wouldn't want in on that kind of fun?  Children with special needs are no exception and there are numerous camp options available for them.  If you have a child/young adult with special needs and are still looking for a summer camp, check out the following resources. - July 6-12 - a few camps remaining

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Medicaid Changes

Did you know there are changes coming to Texas Medicaid?   This will immediately impact those consumers who have SSI and by September 1, 2014 all SSI recipients will have to choose a Managed Care Organization (MCO) type of Medicaid instead of Traditional Medicaid.  If the consumer is not enrolled and does not choose an MCO, an insurance broker by the name of Maximus will randomly assign you to a MCO.  You as a consumer can change to another MCO if you aren’t happy with who you are assigned to but this process may take up to 45 days.   


What does mean for you?

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The First Five

The average child's brain develops at an accelerated rate the first years of life. 90% of brain development occurs by age 5. A child goes from being a completely dependent infant, to a completely independent little personality.  It's no wonder why some kids may need additional help staying on track developmentally.  Whether its assistance with feeding and swallowing, or language development (speech therapy), dressing, handwriting, or self-feeding (occupational therapy), or walking, balance, or strengthening (physical therapy), Viva is here to help.

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Meet our Speech Therapist!

Meet our Speech Therapist, Emily Chow!  We asked Emily a series of questions in order to get to know her better and you can read it all here.

Q:  Tell us a little about yourself.

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