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Did you know there are changes coming to Texas Medicaid?   This will immediately impact those consumers who have SSI and by September 1, 2014 all SSI recipients will have to choose a Managed Care Organization (MCO) type of Medicaid instead of Traditional Medicaid.  If the consumer is not enrolled and does not choose an MCO, an insurance broker by the name of Maximus will randomly assign you to a MCO.  You as a consumer can change to another MCO if you aren’t happy with who you are assigned to but this process may take up to 45 days.   

What does mean for you?

  • – If you have SSI Medicaid be sure to check your mail for a letter talking about the changes and benefits available.
  • – Know the difference between the MCO’s and which ones have your physicians, DME, PDN and therapy home health agencies as in-network providers.
  • – Be sure to pay attention to the enrollment deadlines.
  • – Call and ask for assistance if needed.


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