Joan Parker

We are happy to be able to offer PT, ST & OT services to our clients!  Over the next few weeks, we want to introduce the amazing therapists we have who make this service possible.  

First, we get to know Joan Parker as she tells us about her journey to pediatric home care physical therapy.

“I, Joan Parker, entered into PT school dead set on doing outpatient orthopedics.  I was an intern in Dallas at Cooper Clinic under some phenomenal PT’s.  I worked with professional athletes and had my heart set on sports medicine.  Enter my last year of PT school.  I ended up pregnant and on my last internship when my daughter came early at 27 weeks gestation.  I took a medical leave of absence from school and for the next pain staking 3 months visited the NICU daily where my micro preemie born at 1lb. 14oz. was living.  I knew at that moment that my life would be something different.  As I worked hard at completing my degree, my internship, and studying for my boards, Avery (my daughter) worked at breathing on her own, feeding from a bottle, and keeping her vitals stable.  Fast forward to today and I am happy to be in my 4th year as a pediatric PT, and Avery is a vibrant, determined little 4 year old.  I found that families need help once being discharged from the NICU.  I have since had many patients who share the same preemie NICU experiences.  I am happy to help and know 1st hand what it is like to watch your child struggle.  I am happy to follow my career to this point and even happier to have joined VIVA!”

We are so happy to have Joan on board with her wonderful wealth of knowledge and experience!

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