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NICU. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Too often, parents are introduced to this word on the day their precious baby is born.  The NICU can be a place of healing and progress, and a place where many hours are spent waiting and praying. The NICU is often a place where parents experience a mryaid of emotions, and where some parents will experience loss.

Learning what a new baby needs can seem overwhelming, learning what a medically fragile child needs can seem impossible. If you or someone you know is going through any of these things or others with a child in the NICU, please let them know that they are not alone. There is a fantastic organization called Hand to Hold that specializes in whole-family support for families with a baby in the NICU. They have recently launched a 15 episode audio series called NICU NOW to help NICU parents through this trying time.

Episode titles range from “From Powerless to Empowered”, “Understanding Your Emotions”, “The Father’s Perspective”, and even “Life Transformations After NICU”. To learn more about these podcast please visit http://handtohold.org/support/nicu-support/nicu-now-podcast/. The podcast are free and can be listened to from your phone, tablet or computer. NICU parents can also sign up for peer support and find additional resources at http://handtohold.org/ 

Please share this blog and information with any family you know that could use this information.

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