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Nursing and Therapy

VIVA Pediatrics is a home health services company with a specialty in private duty nursing, skilled nursing visits and therapy for infants and children (ages birth through 20 years of age).

Private Duty Nursing and Skilled Nursing Visits

  • We specialize in care of patients with the following:
  • Apnea - Cardiac Monitoring
  • BiPAP - Breathing / Respiratory Assistance
  • Cough/Assist - CPT/ Suctioning. CPT Spells out Chest Physiotherapy
  • CPAP - Breathing/Respiratory Assistance
  • G-tube/G-J tube - Feeding Tubes
  • Oxygen Therapy - Nasal Cannula or Supplemental Oxygen
  • Infusion therapy - IV
  • IPV - Breathing Assistants
  • Nebulizer - Breathing Treatments
  • Infusion Therapy
  • NG tube - Feeding Tube, Nutritional Management
  • PICC line care - Central Line Care or IV Dressing Change
  • Pulse Ox - Oxygen Saturations
  • Seizure Disorder - Ketogenic Diet, Shunt, VP Shunt or VNS(Vagal Nerve Stimulator or Vagus Nerve Stimulator)
  • TPN - Nutritional Supplement, Short-Gut Syndrome
  • Tracheostomy - ( Trach, Airway)
  • Ventilator - LTV 950, LTV 1150, Trilogy Respiratory Support



  • Speech-Language Therapy

        Evaluating and treating children with difficulties such as: speech, language and articulation, oral motor and feeding

  • Physical Therapy

        Addressing skills necessary for efficient mobility, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise, gait/balance training,

        exercise prescription, orthotic & DME referrals

  • Occupational Therapy

        Addressing basic skills for self-care such as fine motor skills, sensory processing and handwriting