Nursing and Therapy

VIVA Pediatrics is a home health services company with a specialty in private duty nursing, skilled nursing visits and therapy for infants and children (ages birth through 20 years of age).

Private Duty Nursing and Skilled Nursing Visits

We specialize in care of patients with the following:
  • Apnea – Cardiac Monitoring

  • BiPAP – Breathing / Respiratory Assistance

  • Cough/Assist – CPT/ Suctioning. CPT Spells out Chest Physiotherapy

  • CPAP – Breathing/Respiratory Assistance

  • G-tube/G-J tube – Feeding Tubes

  • Oxygen Therapy – Nasal Cannula or Supplemental Oxygen

  • Infusion therapy – IV

  • IPV – Breathing Assistants

  • Nebulizer – Breathing Treatments

  • Infusion Therapy

  • NG tube – Feeding Tube, Nutritional Management

  • PICC line care – Central Line Care or IV Dressing Change

  • Pulse Ox – Oxygen Saturations

  • Seizure Disorder – Ketogenic Diet, Shunt, VP Shunt or VNS(Vagal Nerve Stimulator or Vagus Nerve Stimulator)

  • TPN – Nutritional Supplement, Short-Gut Syndrome

  • Tracheostomy – (Trach, Airway)

  • Ventilator – LTV 950, LTV 1150, Trilogy Respiratory Support


  • Speech-Language Therapy – Evaluating and treating children with difficulties such as: speech, language and articulation, oral motor and feeding

  • Physical Therapy – Addressing skills necessary for efficient mobility, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise, gait/balance training, exercise prescription, orthotic & DME referrals

  • Occupational Therapy – Addressing basic skills for self-care such as fine motor skills, sensory processing and handwriting