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In continuing our celebration of Better Speech and Hearing Month, Viva Pediatrics wishes to celebrate our Speech Therapists. This blog highlights Ciera Gianni, MS, CCC-SLP. Read below to learn more about why Ciera loves being a SLP. 

Why did you become a SLP? 

To give a voice to the voiceless and to help children eat safely. .I didn’t really know what that meant until I took a trip with other SLPs to Zambia, Africa with an organization called CLASP. There we worked with educating the people about disabilities and provided speech therapy services to children. Many of the children with disabilities were believed to be cursed and were often hidden away. Hearing this broke my heart and made me realize that I had a calling to help children and their families to see their child for who they are rather than define be defined by a disability.

What is your favorite part of being an SLP?

Empowering families to learn how to help their child communicate. It’s important for parents to feel empowered and be able to help their children be successful. It makes me smile when a parent reports what their child did over the weekend. It’s always the small milestones that keep me going!

Ciera gets rave reviews from our staff at VIVA and also from her patients’ parents. Ciera emits a caring nature, and truly has her patient’s best interest at heart. We are happy to have her on board. Thank you Ciera. 


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