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Skilled Nursing, Compassion and Dedication​

At Viva, we believe in providing more than just health care; we offer support, understanding, and a deep commitment to improving the lives of the children and families we serve. 

As a specialized pediatric home health care provider, we focus on the unique challenges that come with caring for infants, children, and young adults up to 20 years of age. Our team is not only equipped with the medical expertise required for a wide range of health conditions but also brings compassion and dedication to each home, ensuring your child receives the highest quality of care tailored to their individual needs.

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Specialized Care
Our nursing team specializes in comprehensive services designed to meet the needs of patients with complex health conditions.
Chronic Illness Management Icon
Chronic Illness Management

Expert care for long-term conditions requiring continuous monitoring and management.

Medication Management & Administration Icon
Medication Management & Administration

Precise handling and administration of medications, ensuring the correct dosage and timing for your child's specific needs.

Post-Surgical Care Icon
Post-Surgical Care

Gentle and effective care aimed at supporting recovery and healing after surgery.

Complex Care Coordination Icon
Complex Care Coordination

Integration of various medical and therapeutic needs into a cohesive care plan, facilitating communication among all caregivers.

Private Duty Nursing and Skilled Nursing Visits​

We specialize in patient care for infants and children (ages birth through 20 years of age) with the following:

  • Apnea – Cardiac Monitoring
  • BiPAP – Breathing / Respiratory Assistance
  • Cough/Assist – CPT (Chest Physiotherapy)/ Suctioning
  • CPAP – Breathing/Respiratory Assistance
  • G-tube/G-J tube – Feeding Tubes
  • Oxygen Therapy – Nasal Cannula or Supplemental Oxygen
  • Infusion therapy – IV
  • IPV – Breathing Assistants
  • Nebulizer – Breathing Treatments
  • NG tube – Feeding Tube, Nutritional Management
  • PICC line care – Central Line Care or IV Dressing Change
  • Pulse Ox – Oxygen Saturations
  • Complex Care Coordination – Ketogenic Diet, Shunt, VP Shunt or VNS (Vagal Nerve Stimulator or Vagus Nerve Stimulator)
  • TPN – Nutritional Supplement, Short-Gut Syndrome
  • Tracheostomy (Trach, Airway)
  • Ventilator – LTV 950, LTV 1150, Trilogy Respiratory Support
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Insurance Providers​

Understanding your insurance options is a crucial step in accessing the best care for your child. To assist you we have a multitude of insurance options accepted by our pediatric home health care services. Click through to explore the range of insurance possibilities and learn how we can work together to facilitate exceptional care for your child.

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From the sorrow of the possibility of losing our youngest child to the joy of being able to come home and care for our child, we have the best nursing team anyone can have."

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