Patient Care and Covid-19

Providing Care in a Home Where Someone is Having Symptoms​

– Ensure person with symptoms is self-isolated in the home

– Self-Assess for any symptoms (Temp >99.5, shortness of breath, cough, aches/pain)

If you are having symptoms DO NOT GO TO WORK and NOTIFY VIVA IMMEDIATELY

– Assess patient for symptoms (Temp >99.5, SOB, cough, aches/pain)

Woman putting sanitizer in child's hands

If patient is having symptoms notify their physician

– Frequent Handwashing

Use hand sanitizer if handwashing is not possible

– Wear Gloves when providing care

If additional PPE is required please contact VIVA Dispose of any PPE used appropriately

– Practice social distancing from other in the home

Limit physical contact with others in the home (hand shaking, hugging, etc) 6 ft away from others is recommended

– Maintain patient area clean and disinfected

Make sure all medical equipment is wiped down

Make sure tablet for documentation is wiped down before and after your shift

Make sure all common areas are wiped down (door knobs, light switches, etc)

Make sure trash is disposed daily

Maintaining your safety and our patients’ safety is a priority during this time!

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From the sorrow of the possibility of losing our youngest child to the joy of being able to come home and care for our child, we have the best nursing team anyone can have."

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