PT Month Showcase

PT Month Showcase​

In honor of PT Month, we asked one of our VIVA therapists to share her perspective on Physical Therapy.  Katlyn Berry, PT, DPT is an experienced physical therapist that has worked with VIVA for the past 3 years and has had her career in treating pediatric patients.

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1. Why did you decide to become a pediatric physical therapist?

I came into physical therapy in a roundabout way. I volunteered with a therapeutic riding program in high school and learned about hippotherapy and loved the thought of combining my love of working with kids with disabilities and horses into a career. And it just kind of evolved from there. 

2. What do you love most about being a pediatric physical therapist?

For selfish reasons, working with kids, and especially kids with disabilities, is really a blessing in my life. Most of these children have not had the easiest start to life- some with countless doctor and hospital visits, surgeries, etc., and yet they are so full of joy and hard working. It keeps things in perspective, and I think most adults could really learn a lot from these kids.

3. What is the hardest part of being a pediatric physical therapist?


4. Describe your best experience while working with a patient.

My best experiences have been when patients do something that doctors or parents never thought they would be able to. Whether it’s just having head control or walking or playing sports.

5. What do you like most about working with VIVA?

I feel VIVA really has the patient’s best interest at heart and is focused on the quality of services they give to their clients rather than on the number of clients they serve. And everyone from office staff to field staff advocates really well for their patients. 

If you have questions about physical therapy, would like to refer a child for services, or want to join our team of PTs, please contact VIVA at or (469) 341-7772.

From day one, I’ve been thankful for my job at VIVA Pediatrics. The hiring process was easy and the schedulers have always been a pleasure to work with."